Containerboard Price Fixing Direct Purchase Claim Settlement

Containerboard is a type of paper board which mainly manufactured for the production of corrugated board. Containerboard products are the linerboard, roll stock corrugated sheet, corrugated medium, and the corrugated products.

A lawsuit claim has been filed for the Containerboard product sale for selling containerboard products at a higher price than competitive market price. A $345 million class action settlement has been approved by a federal judge to settle this class action lawsuit.

Eligibility for filling Containerboard Claim:

To file a lawsuit to receive your Containerboard Price Fixing you need to fill the below eligibility criteria.

  • You are eligible for a claim if you have purchased any container board material from International Paper, Temple-Inland, and Weyerhaeuser.
  • The purchase should be done on 15 February 2004 and Nov 8, 2010.

Rules associated with Containerboard Price Fixing Claim:

To receive your claim you should obey the below rules.

  • Claim filing should be done within 6 February 2018.
  • A purchase receipt is needed to file the lawsuit claim.

How to file a Containerboard Price Fixing Claim:

If you are a victim who has purchased any container board product from any defendant during the mentioned time period and you meet all the eligibility criteria then should go for filing a claim. To file a claim you should follow the below process.

Open the official website with the link Click on the “Claim Form” situated on the left-hand side of your webpage.

On the next page click on the “Claim Form” to download the claim form.

Post downloading the claim form open the .pdf file print the claim form and enter the below information.

  • Name and title of the person to contact.
  • Select the Class Number of employees
  • Write down your address.
  • Email address.
  • Enter Purchase Information.

If you are a citizen of the US you need to provide the below information.

  • Claimant’s federal employer identification number

If you are not a citizen of the US, but your business conducted in the US then you should provide the below details:

  • Name of U.S. Business
  • Address of U.S. Business
  • Federal Tax ID of U.S. Business
  • Type of Business

Sing the on the claim form and mail to:

Kleen Products LLC, et al. v. International Paper Company, et al. c/o A.B. Data, Ltd. P.O. Box 173014 Milwaukee, WI 53217

How Claim will be received:

The claim has been delivered to the eligible claimants within the week November 19, 2018.

How to register to receive a future update on Containerboard Product Case:

To register yourself Click or open the link Then enter the below information:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Address Country
  • City
  • State
  • Zip

Then click on the “Register Me” option.

Additional Information Related with Containerboard Price Fixing Direct Purchase Claim Settlement:

  • $354 million class action claim has been approved by a Federal judge.
  • Settlement amount could be changed depending on the defendant.
  • Final settlement hiring was held on October 17, 2017, at 10:00 a.m. before Judge Harry Leinenweber at the United States Courthouse for the Northern District of Illinois, 219 S. Dearborn St., Chicago, Illinois in courtroom 1941.
  • The case name is Kleen Products LLC, et al. v. International Paper Co., et al., Case No. 1:10-cv-05711, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division


Claim Administrator:

Containerboard Products Class Action

c/o A.B. Data Ltd.

P.O. Box 173014

Milwaukee, WI  53217


Class Counsel:

Michael J. Freed

Robert J. Wozniak



Daniel J. Mogin

Jodie Williams



Weyerhaeuser Counsel:

Margaret H. Warner

Stephen Y. Wu

Michelle S. Lowery

Chelsea Black



International Paper Counsel:

James T. McKeown



Nathan P. Eimer



Temple-Inland Counsel:

Andrew S. Marovitz

Britt M. Miller

Matthew D. Provance

Joshua A. Faucette





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