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TV Weekly Magazine is a magazine that is published by the TV Guide; it is a weekly newspaper that helps the viewer’s get the television listings in the local market. The rating list features the regional cable networks, Local channels, and also major network and cable outlets as well. The company issued its first publication ay back on April 3, 1953, some 64 years ago.

If you want to get registered with this magazine or subscribe, you will have to start the process by reaching the official website of the company, you can have its link from the search engines. Here check the proceedings.

Services of TV weekly magazine

  • Localized Listings

  • Daily Best Bets

  • Celebrity Q&A

  • Movie Guides

  • Streaming

  • Puzzles & Fun

  • Sports Coverage

Updated listing of TV weekly

Scheduling a network’s shows and timeslots is a balancing act of identifying and investing in good programs and scheduling them to best reach the intended audience. In attempts to win viewers and beat-out their competition, many networks either make last-minute scheduling changes or decide not to release their schedules until nearly air-time. It’s why some printed programming guides, including TV Weekly, seemingly have outdated or incorrect listings.

Network Listings

  • Animal Planet

  • Bravo

  • Comedy Central

  • Discovery Channel

  • Hallmark Channel

  • Lifetime Television

  • LMN

  • National Geographic

  • Syfy Channel

  • TLC

  • TNT

  • TV Land

  • USA Network

Renew TV weekly magazine

For this, visit, Here, at the top right corner click on, ‘Renew’.

TV Weekly Magazine renew

  • In the next page, at the middle input,

  • Email Address

  • Subscription ID

  • Zipcode

  • Then, click on, ‘Next’ in blue.

You need to follow the prompt to renew the subscription.

Logging into TV weekly magazine

To log in, go to,

  • Here, at the top right corner click on, ‘Login’.

TV Weekly Magazine Login

  • You have to follow the same process as you have in the renewing.

You will be logged in after following the instructions.

Subscribe for TV weekly magazine

To subscribe go to,

  • In the middle of the page, you will get a blank, where, type,

  • Your zip code

TV Weekly Magazine Subscribe

  • Then, click on, ‘Subscribe’ in blue.

You need to check the prompts after this to subscribe.

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Important details on TV weekly magazine

  • If you want to view your current expiration date, you need to enter your subscription ID, email address, or zip code to continue. You can also give TV weekly a call at 888-584-6688, and one of their Subscriber Service Specialists will be happy to assist you with any questions regarding your subscription. And don’t worry if you renew now, we simply add on to the term of your existing subscription.

  • Any renewal to an existing TV Weekly subscription tacks onto the end of that subscription; if you have 14 weeks remaining, and you then renew for 52 weeks, you will have 68 weeks remaining. If you see two subscriptions in your record, or if you are receiving two copies of TV Weekly, you need to get in touch at 888-584-6688 so that the magazine can merge the duplicate subscriptions.

  • For subscribers who are not familiar with TV Weekly, we offer a trial offer of 13 weeks for $9.75 or $10.49, depending on your location. The 13-week trial offer is non-refundable. Only new subscribers are eligible for the trial offer. Existing subscribers, even those who originally ordered the trial offer, may not renew their subscriptions at the trial offer. Existing subscribers may add additional subscriptions to their account for the trial offer rate, but those subscriptions cannot later be merged for credit.

  • The cancellation policy states that you may cancel your subscription to TV Weekly at any time and receive a refund for the balance of remaining issues, less a $5.00 cancellation fee. This cancellation policy does not apply to trial offers, which are non-refundable.

  • TV Weekly accepts checks and money orders via mail and credit card payments online and on the phone. You must not send cash.

  • The company will allow 3 to 4 weeks for mailed-in payments to be processed. This period of time accounts for the fact that the magazine can receive up to a thousand pieces of mail in a single day, every day of the week. All of these pieces of mail must be hand-sorted before being placed in large batches for payment processing. Batches are then scanned in the order that they are received. That’s why we mail your renewal notices so far in advance and the company wouldn’t want your subscription to lapse while they process your payment.

  • If you are concerned about your subscription expiring before we process your payment, you have to contact their Subscriber Service Center at 888-584-6688.

  • TV Weekly last increased its subscription rates on July 11th, 2016. The company works hard to offer the ultimate guide to what’s on TV at affordable prices to our valued subscribers, but the fact of the matter is that costs are increasing every day. TV weekly is proud to provide the most complete source of print listings available anywhere, and they will do their best to continue to offer valued subscribers great value. If you have any questions or concerns about your subscription rate, You have to contact their Subscriber Service Center at 888-584-6688.

  • TV Weekly offers a newspaper subscriber discount, for subscribers who are also active with a partner newspaper. That discount only applies to subscribers who have their TV Weekly delivered with their newspaper. If you get a newspaper but get your TV Weekly through the mail, you are not eligible for the discount, and TV weekly may adjust the number of issues on your subscription to reflect the rate change.

  • TV Weekly works with several of the major TV listings sources in the country to ensure that our listings are as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

  • TV Weekly is printed about two weeks in advance of the issue date so that TV weekly can deliver magazines to the USPS and the local newspaper depots on time, and make sure our subscribers get their magazines in a timely manner. When the magazines are printed, the listings are accurate, but networks sometimes make programming changes in the period between their print date and your delivery date. TV weekly does our very best to ensure listings accuracy, but TV weekly can’t account for changes made after the print date. If you notice listings inaccuracies, you need to give the company a call at 888-584-6688 so they can record the changes.

  • For the subscriber feedback, you need to call the magazine at 888-584-6688 or visit us at to submit your feedback, and TV weekly will make sure it gets to the appropriate folks.

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Contact support

If you want to get support from TV weekly magazine, then, you can either log in to the account and seek the help option, or you can call on, 888-584-6688.

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