Pay Your Alabama Power Bill Online

Alabama is surrounded with natures beauty, and protecting this natural beauty is the goal of Alabama Power. The company provides, affordable and reliable electricity for its customers, and their main goal is to provide value to the community they serve.

The bill payment for Alabama power is easiest of all. You will get online and other convenient methods, like phone, mail, and in person. Also, the online portal for bill payment is utterly secure, and you won’t have to pay any kind of additional fee at the time of payment. Also, the bill paying takes only 5 minutes, so it won’t have much effect on your busy schedule. However, you can always pay the bill without logging into the online account.

Pay without logging in

For this you have to go to,

  • Here, if you scroll down, you will get two blanks at the left side, and here, you have to type,

  • The account number

  • Then you have to select one of the following from the next blank’s drop-down.

Alabama Power

  • You will be taken to the next step, and you have to follow the prompts so you can finish the payment process.

Note: You can also pay by phone and for this, you have to call on, 1-800-835-2702. You have to pay a fee of $2.25 for this payment method. For mail payment, you can send the payment to, P.O. Box 242, Birmingham, Alabama 35292. You can also, pay in person, for this, you have to visit

Here you have to choose Alabama power and on the page, you have to log in to the online account and then you can find your nearby payment location.

To pay with the online account, you have to register and log in with the online account. Then you can make payment and get other benefits too.

Register with Alabama power

To register, here you have to visit

On the directed page, you have to go to the top right side corner and click on, ‘Register’. Here on the next page, you will get the blanks at the left side and here, you have to type,

Alabama Power

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Last 4 of SSN

  • Zip Code of Property

  • Check the validation box

  • Then click on, ‘Lookup account’.

Register Alabama Power

You can register with your email address and with your bill information too.

For this, you have to type,

  • The account number

  • The web access code

  • Check the validation box

  • Then click on, ‘Lookup account’.

Follow the detailed prompts and you will be able to register.

Logging in to your account

Here, you have to visit

On the directed page, you have to go to the top right side corner, click on, ‘Login’.

You will get a white box, and here, you have to input the,

  • Username

  • The confirmed password

Alabama Power Login

  • Then press on, ‘Login’.

Forgot username or password

If you have lost the login details of Alabama power, then you need to go to the same page login box, here, under the ‘Sign on’ at the left side you will get the option for, ‘Forgot username’.

Here you have to input

  • The registered email address.

  • Check the validation code

  • After typing this you have to click on, ‘Continue’.

For Password, click on ‘Forgot password?’.

  • Here you have to enter, the username.

  • After typing this you have to click on, ‘Continue’.

Follow the prompts after this and in this way you will get the login details back.

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Benefits of Alabama power

  • You can switch and save up to $700 with an electric heat pump.

  • You can save money on energy efficient appliances

  • Get renewable energy certificates.

  • Manage your online account.

Contact details

If you have any query or issue with Alabama power, you can always contact the customer service at the toll-free number- 1-800-245-2244.

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