File A Western Union Remission Petition

The Western Union has already paid $586 million for settling the charges that were brought against them by the Department of Justice. The company has admitted to the criminal aiding and abetting of wire fraud also, to Bank Secrecy Act violations. The crime was the impostors asked the people for sending the money through Western Union for helping their relatives, avoid arrest or imprisonment, receiving loans, products, and employment. Not a single victim got the prizes, cash, or any kind of assured items.

This remission petition is eligible for the people who have sent money through Western Union at the time of 1st January 2004 and 19th January 2017. They are eligible for the payment as they were the victim of this fraudulent case. The forms you can mail to claim administrator or return online. If you get qualified, you will get the payment. For this, you have to file online.

How to file

For this, you have to visit,

  • Here, at the menu, you have to click on the right side, last option, ‘File a petition for remission’.
  • On the next page, at the middle side, you have to enter,
  • Claim ID
  • PIN code

Log In

  • Then press on, ‘Login’.

If you don’t have a Claim ID or PIN code, then just under and at the left side of ‘Login’ press on, ‘Here’. you will get the form, and you have to enter,

Log In Click here

  • First Name
  • Middle name
  • Check if a non-U.S. address
  • Primary Address
  • Continuation of Primary Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Telephone number (home)
  • Telephone number (work)
  • Telephone number (mobile)
  • Email Address
  • Specify how much money did you transfer through Western Union to the perpetrators?
  • If you did not send U.S. dollars you have to select your currency
  • Specify the date was the transaction performed?
  • Western Union Money Transfer Control Number
  • City and State or Province where Western Union transfer initiated:
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Foreign Province
  • Foreign Postal Code
  • Foreign Country
  • You have to select the destination Country for funds transferred through Western Union
  • You have to press on, ‘Add transaction’.
  • Upload the files
  • Agree to the terms
  • Specify if you do not have a Social Security Number or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number
  • SSN or TIN

Remission Form

  • Then, you have to click on, ‘Agree and submit’.

Follow the prompts, and you will be able to get the IDs.

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If you need the receipt then you have to,

  • Venture to the Western Union Email Help Center.
  • Select Copy of Money Transfer Receipt from the list.
  • Complete the form and then press on ‘Submit’.

Note: The remission submission the last date has been extended to, June 30, 2019.

Contact details

To contact Western Union about this remission, you have to call on, 844-319-2124. You can send an email to, Or you can write a mail to, United States v. The Western Union Company

P.O. Box 404027

Louisville, KY 40233-4027.

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