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Nordstrom is an America-based departmental store chain. In 1901, John W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin together started this company. The headquarter of this company is located in Seattle, Washington, United States. Nordstrom was first started as a shoe store and they evolved into a full line retailer. Now, they sell handbags, footwear, jewelry, cosmetics, and accessories. This company mainly operates within the United States.  Some of the subsidiaries of this company are HauteLook, Nordstrom Rack, Truck Club, and Jeffrey Boutique.

How to Pay Nordstrom Credit Card Bill

There are many payment methods to pay your Nordstrom credit card bill. You can follow any payment option below to make the payment.

 Nordstrom Credit Card Bill Payment via Online Method:

  • Make the payment online for the Nordstrom credit card bill. You have to sign up for the online account, to make the payment. If you already completed the registration process, then follow these steps:
  • Visit the Nordstrom Homepage by clicking on this link nordstromcard.com

nordstrom credit card payment

  • Then, simply input the username and password on the login section.
  • After that, clicking on the Sign In button, follow the steps further to make your payment.

Nordstrom Credit Card Bill Payment by Mail:

You can also pay your Nordstrom credit card bill through the traditional mail method. Send your money order or personal check by mail to Nordstrom. While sending the mail, must write down your Nordstrom card number on the money order or personal check. You need to send your payment stub to this address below:

Nordstrom Card Services
PO Box 100135
Columbia, SC 29202-3135

Nordstrom Credit Card Bill Payment by Phone:

Make the payment for the Nordstrom credit card bill over the phone. Make payment for your Nordstrom credit card bill through an automated phone system. Simply dial1.800.964.1800 to make the payment. Simply follow the on-call instructions to make the payment from your phone.

Nordstrom Credit Card Bill Payment in Person:

  • To pay your Nordstrom credit card bill, look for your nearest Nordstrom credit card locations. To find your nearest Nordstrom locations, you need to follow these instructions:
  • You have to go to this link nordstrom.com

nordstrom credit card bill pay

  • Provide your zip code or city and state on the given field.
  • After that, simply select the Search icon to find out the nearest Nordstrom locations.

How to Apply for Nordstrom Credit Card

  • If you do not yet have the Nordstrom credit card, then pursue these steps below:
  • Simply go to this link nordstromcard.com

Nordstrom Credit card apply

  • There, you need to select the Apply Now option.
  • Then, you need to select the Apply for a Nordstrom Credit Card option.
  • You have to choose between a Visa Credit card or a Retail Credit Card.
  • Under the specific credit card, simply click on the Apply Now option.
  • After that, you need to follow the on-screen instructions to complete your application process.

How to Activate Nordstrom Credit Card

  • You need to activate your Nordstrom credit card, before using it. The activation process is quite simple. Follow these steps to activate your credit card:
  • Simply go to this link first nordstromcard.com
  • Then, in the first field, provide your first name.
  • You have to provide your date of birth on the next step.
  • Then, on the next steps, provide a phone number.
  • Then, at last, provide your 6 digits of the credit card number.
  • After that, you need to select the Activate option.
  • Then, follow the further steps to activate your Nordstrom credit card.

How the Penalty Fees Work

  • There are several fees that Nordstrom’s credit card charges. You have to pay these fees for your Nordstrom credit card:
  • APR for Purchase: For the Nordstrom credit card, your purchase APR will be 25.90%.
  • APR for Cash Advance: For the cash advance, your purchase APR will be 26.90%.
  • Annual Fee: There will be no annual fees for the Nordstrom credit card.
  • Late Payment Fees: If cannot make the payment by the due date, you have to the late payment fees of $40.
  • Return Payment Fees: If your check is refused by the bank due to insufficient balance, you have to pay the return payment fees up to $29.

What to Do If You Can’t Pay the Bill

Those who cannot pay their Nordstrom credit card bill within the given date, contact the customer service department. They will provide you the available option.

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Nordstrom Contact Info

If you need to contact Nordstrom customer service, you can contact at:



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Nordstrom Card Services

PO Box 6555

Englewood, CO 80155-6555

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