Velocity Channel Activation :

Anyone who has just purchased a Velocity Channel subscription can activate their channel online. Once your channel has been activated you can approach your favorite and latest TV Shows and Movies anytime you wish.

Velocity Channel is also available for popular media streaming devices such as Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV. You can activate your channel for any of these devices.

In this post we have offered a step-by-step guide to the activation procedure. Read on and you can get your Velocity Channel activated.

Velocity Channel Overview :

Velocity Channel is now known as Motor Trend which is an American sports television network channel owned by the Motor Trend Group. It is a venture of Discovery Inc. and has its headquarters located at Silver Spring.

On the channel, you can find live broadcasts of sports events which are held by Fox Sports, Mike Joy, Chris Jacobs, and Ray Evernham. Velocity Channel operated under this name until the year 2018 then it was changed to Motor Trend. There are over 83 million subscribers of Motor Trend throughout the United States.

How to Activate Velocity Channel :

  • In order to activate Velocity Channel open the channel activation page.
  • Next, look at the center and you will find an activation section.
  • Once you have located it enter the activation code.

velocity channel activate

  • Click the ‘Activate’ button below and you will be required to follow the on-screen prompts.

Activate Velocity Channel for Amazon Fire TV :

  • To get started you need to turn on your Amazon Fire TV device.
  • As the device opens open the channel list and looks out for the Motor Trend app.
  • Or you can simply enter ‘Motor Trend’ in the search bar at the top.
  • Next click on the download or free option to install it on your device.
  • Once the application has been installed you will receive an activation code.
  • Now go to any web or mobile browser then visit the activation screen that can be reached out at
  • As the webpage opens you will see an activation section in the middle.
  • Provide activation code in the blank space then click the ‘activate’ button.
  • Follow the prompts that appear on the screen and your channel will be activated.

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How to Activate for Roku :

  • In order to activate on Roku turn on your device then check whether it is connected to the web.
  • Secondly press the ‘Home’ button on the remote and wait for the home screen to open.
  • Once the home screen opens scroll down then tap on ‘Streaming Channels’ tab and next select ‘Roku channel store’.
  • Now look for Motor Trend in the channel store manually or type ‘Motor Trend’ in the search bar.
  • As you have found it click on it and select ‘Add Channel’ option on the preview page.
  • Install the app on your Roku device then launch it on your Roku device.
  • Sign into Motor Trent and you will receive an activation code.
  • Now use any browser to visit the activation webpage.
  • Once the URL opens you will see a section at the centre.
  • Provide the activation code in the desired field and tap ‘Activate’ button below.
  • Follow the prompts next and your Motor Trends/Velocity Channel will be activated.

Conclusion :

Well, this was the end of the article. We hope you have activated your Velocity Channel with ease. In case you require assistance you can connect with the support centre through their contact us webpage.

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