Capital One Savor vs. Capital One Quicksilver:

There are a lot of credit cards available in the market. But it is very confusing to pick up the best one. Even if you look at a specific bank, you will find a ton of options. In this article, we will explain to you some of the major differences between Savor vs. Quicksilver’s credit card.

The Similarities Between Savor vs Quicksilver:

There are several similarities between the Capital One Savor vs. Quicksilver.

  • Both cards is issued by Capital One and known for good customer service.
  • Both of these credit cards, require good credit scores to apply.
  • Using both of these cards, you can earn cash back, which will never expire.
  • For the first 9 months of balance transfer and purchase, your intro APR will be 0%.
  • There will be no foreign transaction fees on both of these cards.

Both of these cards have many similarities. But both of these cards are different from each other.

The difference in Annual Fee:

The Capital One Savor Card has no annual fee. But for the Savor Rewards card, you have to pay the annual fee of $95.

Difference Welcome Offer:

The Savor Rewards comes with a higher cashback bonus of $300. On spending $3000 within the first 3 months of account opening, you will get the $300 bonus.

Whereas, in Quicksilver card you will only get the cashback of $150 on the spending of $500 within the first 3 months.

If you are thinking of acquiring a card between these two cards, then you might go for the higher bonus offers. If you are thinking of earning cashback rewards just a small part of a larger point strategy, then the Quicksilver would be the best choice for you with the lower spending requirements.

The difference in Earning Rates:

There is another key difference between both of these cards is earning. You will get to earn a flat 1.5% back on all purchases using your Quicksilver Card. That is a very decent rate of return compared to other issuers.

The Savor Rewards basically depends of the spending categories include entertainment and dining. In Savor Card, you can impressive 4% back on entertainment and dining. You will also get 2% cashback at grocery stores and then 1% back on everything else.

Which One is Perfect for You:

Based on your speeding requirements, you should choose your credit card.

With the no annual fees Quicksilver from Capital One is a great option for the people who want a simple 1.5% return on their spending at a wide variety of merchants.

The Savor Rewards from Capital One is perfect for those to spend on dining and entertainment.

Although both of these cards are great options it is completely depending on your spending requirements.

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Capital One Customer Service:

If you have any queries about these Capital One cards, you can contact the Capital One Customer Service:


Customer Service: 1-800-CAPITAL (1-800-227-4825)

Outside the US: 1-804-934-2001

Online Banking Support: 1-866-750-0873


Capital One
Attn: General Correspondence
P.O. Box 30285
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0287


Both of these cards are a very strong option among the best credit cards from Capital One. Both of these cards offer some of the best featues in the market. Before applying for this two card, visit the official website for more details.

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