How To Check Starbucks Gift Card Balance :

Starbucks is an American coffee company and chain. The company was founded on 31 March 1971, Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington, the United States by Gordon Bowker, Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl. Starbucks operates in 30,000 locations globally. The company also has subsidiaries, Teavana, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Tata Starbucks, Tazo and so on.

If you want to give a gift card to your loved ones, then the same from Starbucks is the best one. You can buy the gift cards from any store, and you can check the balance of it online.

The cards are available from $25, and after buying it, you can use it any Starbucks outlet, as you can know the balance and you can call the helpline as well.

Check the balance

To check the balance you need to go to,

Here, if you scroll down towards the bottom, at the left side you will get the section, ‘Check balance’.

Here, you have to type,

  • Card Number
  • Security Code
  • After this, press on, ‘Check balance’.

Starbucks Gift Card

  • This way you can check it.

If you want to reload the gift card, you have to register and sign in with the online account.

Also, if you register, you will get enhanced benefits.

Register for Starbucks online account

To join you need to visit,

Here at the top right side click on, ‘Sign in’.

On the next page, at the right side towards the bottom, you have to click on, ‘Join now’

Account sign in Starbucks Coffee Company

Here, you have to type,

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Zip code
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Specify if you would like emails from Starbucks.
  • Agree to Starbucks terms

Create a Starbucks Account Starbucks Coffee Company

  • Then press on, ‘Create account’.

Do follow the alter prompts you will be able to create an account.

Logging into the account

To log in you have to visit,

Here at the top right side click on, ‘Sign in’

sign in Starbucks Coffee Company

On the next page, at the right side, you have to enter the email address and the confirmed password and click on, ‘Sign in’.

Forgot username or password

If you have lost the login credentials then you have to go to the login page. Here, just under the password blank, at the left side click on, ‘Forgot your username’. Here, you will get a notification, that you can use your email address instead of a username. For password press on, ‘Forgot your password?’. You will have to input the registered email address and tap on, ‘Reset password’. If you can’t access the email then, in the password retrieval page click on, ‘Can’t access email’ and you will be taken to a page, from where you can get information on the same. Which will be, you have to set another account with another email ID.

Forgot password Starbucks Coffee Company

Transfer balance

If you want to transfer balance, you certainly have to register and log in with the online account. After you enter in the account, you can transfer a balance when you choose the card you have.

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Lost or stolen card

In case if your Starbucks gif card is stolen or lost, you have to log in with you’re account first and then, you have to select the ‘Cards’ section and click on the Report Lost or Stolen link. Starbucks will freeze your remaining balance at the moment, and transfer it to a new Starbucks Card and certainly mail you the replacement.

In here the Starbucks Gold Card is an exception. Here the company cannot replace specialty or Limited Edition Starbucks Cards. The replacement Starbucks Card will be sent to you will be a standard plastic card.

Starbuck Contact details

To contact Starbucks you need to call on, 800-782-7282. 4 AM to 11 PM.

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